Ramon is our ‘not funny’ guy. His work is raw, edgy and real and he pushes the boundaries to get the shot. The guy is obsessed with film and works tirelessly to bring a story to life.


Before getting into the director’s chair, Ramon worked as an editor and a DOP, giving him intimate working knowledge of the various key skills needed to nail a production.


Ramon is drawn to the extreme and the cinematic but more than anything his focus is people and their stories. People who have overcome challenges. People with grit.


With street sensibilities and an aesthetic shaped by working as a graffiti artist in earlier life, his artistic eye and intrepid style inform his signature style. This is a guy who will go where others won’t.


It wasn’t long after getting behind the camera that big names came knocking and Ramon’s showreel now includes work with Puma, Adidas, Shelflife and Frontrunner.


Ramon has been known to crack the odd joke. But only after work.