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Sketchbook Studios is an award-winning production company founded by director Ari Kruger and actress Julia Anastasopoulos.


They are best known for creating the groundbreaking web-series SuzelleDIY which has been viewed over 32 million times  on YouTube and flighted regularly on Comedy Central. Suzelle has grown into a full-time brand and household name, appearing in television commercials, releasing best selling books and performing live events across the country.


Sketchbook’s mockumentary series Tali’s Wedding Diary was the first showmax original and went on to win five SAFTA awards including Best Actress for Julia and Best Director for Ari. The show developed a cult status following and has been hailed as a landmark in South African television. The second season Tali’s Baby Diary went on to win another five SAFTAS including best Comedy Series in 2022.

They have recently released the third installment Tali’s Joburg Diary to critical acclaim.


Sketchbook believes in uniting South African’s through their specific brand of humour and lovable characters and their goal is to be at the forefront of bringing this unique voice to a global stage.

Ari Kruger
Director | Writer | Executive Producer
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Julia Anastasopoulos
Creative Director | 
Executive Producer

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Suné Wolmarans

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