Director / Founder

Ari was one of those kids making movies with his dad’s video camera when he was 12. Not much has changed, but the films are arguably better now.


A couple of decades (and a bit) on, Ari is the co-creator and director of the hugely popular web series SuzelleDIY and the sensational TV series Tali’s Wedding Diary, with a host of awards, nominations and broken viewership records between them. Both productions epitomise his impeccable comic timing and talent for creating memorable characters.


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We’ve only just met but boy we’re excited about Talya Galasko. She matches a fresh and bold visual style with a hands-on approach, a meticulous eye for detail and a proclivity for dry humour that make her a perfect fit at Sketchbook.


Talya’s infectious energy and sharp wit comes through in her work. Experience as a copywriter is evident in the clarity of her writing and her knack for narrative. She’s ambitious, she’s driven, she’s funny and we know she is going places.


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Actress / Creative Director

If you don’t recognise this face then honestly you’ve been living under a rock. Julia is best known across the country as lovable SuzelleDIY and the self-obsessed Tali Babes. She has an uncanny ability to move seamlessly between these unmistakable and nuanced characters to make audiences worldwide connect and fall in love with them.


She is also a multi-disciplined artist having illustrated children’s books, created large scale murals and built sets for notable theatrical productions. Julia is a co-director of Sketchbook and brings her creative flair, perfectionism and comedic instinct onto all projects that pass through the studio.


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Social Media & Influencer Partnerships

Lané lives in the internet and that's a good thing.

She harnessed her social skills while working for Snapchat and Gwyneth's Goop in the US. She brings her millenial knowhow, futurist thinking and influencer insight to all of our original content at Sketchbook.


Lané is also our point of contact for Suzelle and Tali related requests so get in touch below:


+27 72 457 5382