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Tayla Galasko joins the Sketchbook Director's Roster!

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

We’ve only just met but boy we’re excited about Talya Galasko! She matches a fresh and bold visual style with a hands-on approach, a meticulous eye for detail and a proclivity for dry humour that makes her a perfect fit at Sketchbook.

As a student of politics with a journalism program from NYU under her belt, her irreverent storytelling is strengthened by gravitas and focus. She’s probably also the ‘wokest’ in the office.

Talya’s infectious energy and sharp wit comes through in her work. Experience as a copywriter is evident in the clarity of her writing and her knack for narrative. She’s ambitious, she’s driven, she’s funny and we know she is going places.

Her short film 427 Types of Wieners was selected to screen at SHNIT 2018 and her skills will soon be on show with a series of branded content for Seattle Coffee Co.


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