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Glen Biderman-Pam joins Sketchbook

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

You may have seen him headlining comedy gigs around the country. Perhaps you've caught him as the co-host on the hugely popular WTF Tumi on SABC 3. You’ll surely recognise him as the hilarious Rael Rosen from the hit Showmax series Tali’s Wedding Diary. Either way, it's pretty obvious that Glen is kind of a big deal.

As an established stand-up comedian and actor, Glen knows what it's like to be in front of the camera. As a director he combines his comic prowess with the rare skill of connecting to both actors and non-actors alike.

Glen is hardworking, collaborative and focused. He also has a sort of magic ability to get the best out of people while also being friendly. Always the funniest and most personable in the room, he sets crew and clients at ease.

Recent hits on his director’s reel include the Man in a Van YouTube ad for Netflix, which hit 80k views and featured on Ad of the Week, and his Loerie-winning Oh Schweppes campaign that masterfully addressed the fallout over an unpopular branding decision.

We love working with him and we know you will too. Visit his profile page here!


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